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My Parallel Life

My grandfather used to tell me that time didn't exist that we live in many places at once. At the time I thought he was just a silly old man, he once told me that moldy bread was good for your brain, so yeah... He was, however, a man of very few words, and when he spoke to me it was either to tell me something mind-bending or to tell me to stop playing around with his guitar or violin.

As I got older I realized that many of the things he spoke to me about where of things that many of the greatest minds on earth have struggled during their lifetimes. He talked to me about such things like the theory of relativity, string theory, and many more. He would also speak about parallel universes. At the time these thoughts weren't ones that were looked more as supernatural and often dismissed by the science community, maybe because astrophysics has been a study with little resources for such a long time.

All of them intrigued me of course, but of all the theories his spooked to me about those mentioned were the ones that blew my mind; the possibility that there might be one or many of Me out there is just phenomenal and my imagination flew with the thought. I was a very imaginative child I would often daydream of who I was in another life, and what things had I accomplish in those lives. But I never thought that they were real, they were just fun to think about. Once I became an adult all of my imagination faded and soon I forgot about it all.

So as life happened, I became more of a skeptic and things like worrying about paying for college, rent and bills became the only thing that occupied my mind. I didn't have time to think about silly things like parallel lives. It wasn't until a few years ago, I started to have reoccurring dreams of another life. And it wasn't the same dream, it was as though when I went to sleep I was living another life. I didn't think much about it at first and I was just enjoying the experience of this very lucid dreams. But as time went on, and the intensity of this dream grew I was a bit worried, Had my imagination gotten the best of me? Can I really be making this up? It wasn't until I had my first past life regression that I learn that I wasn't.

She is me, only different. She is super confident and has a successful artistic and creative career. She is married and has twin boys ages 5 and a 2-year-old girl. Her husband is very handsome, tall, lean and blonde with greenish blue eyes, he is also very successful in his artistic career as well. They met while working on the same project, she thought he was funny, charming and sexy as hell. But she didn't think that he was interested in her. He was always around though, and one day he finally asked her out. They had a picnic in the park and talk all day until the stars and the night sky showed up. Three years later they were married in a small ceremony on a private island in Europe. Shortly after the twins were born, then three years later the girl was born. It's weird how sometimes I missed them. They live in a brick townhouse in NYC and travel constantly around the world for their work.

For five years now I have had those dreams, always a different day. I know her and her life as much as I know mine. Our two lives are sometimes so entwined that there have been times when in a conversation I have to catch myself about to tell them something I did in the parallel life. It can get a bit confusing in my head sometimes. Sometimes like at this moment, there are times that I don't have a dream about it for a few months, then for some reason, it comes back and when it does it's every night, and I often have several dreams in that night, almost as if my brain it's catching up. When this happens I wake up really tired and my emotions get confused.

During a PLR session, I was able to partly see this life and it reassured me that I wasn't fantasizing, that it all was real. However, this life did not want me to see much of it, she or me, felt as though I was not ready to see it, nor I was ready to understand why I have this attachment to it. So, I still struggle with this because I have a lesson that I must learn from this attachment. So for now, until I am ready to receive the lesson, I'll assume that I'll continue to have this dreams and moments where the two of us get connected.

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