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Over Stressed Parent

Being a parent can be stressful, you worry about the well-being of your child all the time, and that is normal. What is not normal is when you can't sleep at night cause you are worried about what might happen to your child while you are asleep or you can not let your child out of view at any point.

One of my clients came to me because the fear that she had for her children safety was now causing her panic attacks. She didn't understand why she had that fear cause her kids, which were now young adults, had never been in any kind of danger and were very healthy.

Once we reached the stage of relaxation needed to access the subconscious, we went to the past life that was the concern of this abnormal fear. In her mind's eye, she took us to a past life that happened during WWII, where she was witnessing her children being taken away by a train. She became very upset at seeing this scene, so I had to remind her that she was there just to witness not to feel all of those emotions. Once I did, she relaxed more into her chair. We went back to the scene, and she told me that her children were being taken away from a labor camp she was at, to another and that she was there because they were there because of their religious belief. She never saw her children again.

Once she saw the connection of the fear from that past life to her current one she was able to let it go. I asked her to think of a scene in her current life where she would get panic about her children and to tell me how she now felt about it. Once she did, she told me that all her fear was completely gone! She no longer held that abnormal fear!

This is a typical day at the office for me. And every day I am blessed that I get to help people conquer their fears, phobias, pain and so much more!

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