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Sleep Great Again

We all want to have that deep sleep and wake up refreshed, but a lot of people struggle with that. It can be many reasons such as life stresses that can keep us up at night. Sadly many people resort to taking medications and nothing that a doctor offers can fix the underlying problem. I have many of my clients suffer from lack of sleep and are looking for a cure that does not include medications with deadly side effects. We have all read the studies on how important it is for your health that we get a good nights sleep. And we are well aware of what happens when we don't. Not only our health suffers but our personal and professional lives suffers too.

As a side effect of all the medications I took for fibromyalgia, I became an insomniac. I slept an average of 4 hours a night but was in bed for 10-12hrs because I was so exhausted. And that was for the nights I did sleep. I tried everything I could, the medications I took made my groggy all day and not in a good mood. I tried herbs such as melatonin and drank sleeping teas, and while I was able to fall asleep it didn't last long I was up and an hour later. My husband hated to having to wake me up cause I was always very mean to him and for the split second I did hate him for waking me up. But that wasn't me, I am not an angry person and I consider my self a morning person. But this attitude became a norm, I was angry all the time because I couldn't sleep, and I was so so tired!

Hypnotherapy can help you have a good night sleep. Before hypnotherapy anything that was stress related cause a flair up which in turn caused me to have no sleep. After my session for fibromyalgia, I was able to sleep again. In fact, I sleep deeper than I ever had, those little noises in the night that would've normally woke me up, don't anymore. I live a life full of stress, starting a business is hard work and extremely stressful, and I have not slept better. There is always a cause a reason why we let our thoughts get in the way of our sleep, when we find the past life that is the underlying concern of our ailment we let go of the reasons that keep us up at night and we let go we are able to enjoy life as we meant to.

Think of everything that you can accomplish if you had more sleep and understand that you have a chance to now.

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